Churches Helping People

Working with Others to Help People

Lake County Baptist Association is committed to helping our churches be the best version of themselves they can become. We are engaging with local ministries and agencies so that every one of our churches can choose to help every single person that comes to them for assistance.

Our county has unique ministries and valuable resources intended to assist people in need. Yet, how often do we turn people away because we don't have or know how to connect people to the best resource? Is there more we can do than say, "Have you dialed 211?"

Lake County Baptist Association is meeting with local ministries that already do fantastic work helping people. Also, the association is speaking with a software company specializing in connecting people with resources. Soon we plan to show churches how we can do more to help than we've done in years past.

Be on the lookout here, encourage others to signup for our monthly newsletter, and be sure to contact me if your church wants to join with others to help more people.