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Our Mission

The mission of the Lake County Baptist Association is to facilitate the union and cooperation of Baptists within its territory in the work of upbuilding the Kingdom of Christ.

Can two walk together without agreeing to meet? - Amos 3:3

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Our Vision

We've listened, we've heard, and the visual vision graphic is soon coming.

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Baptist Distinctives Acrostic

B - Bible is the sole authority for all things in faith and practice.

A - Autonomy of the local church (no pope, no bishop, the local church pastor is the leader

P - Priesthood of the believer.

T - Two ordinances are the Lord's Supper and Believers Baptism (no sacraments among Baptists)

I - Individual soul liberty (every believer has the liberty to believe right or wrong)

S - Saved and baptized church membership.

T - Two offices of the church are Pastor and Deacon

S - Separation of the church and state.